Getting started with Beatsource LINK in VirtualDJ.

Beatsource LINK* is now available in VirtualDJ. Here are a few tips for getting started:


Connect Beatsource LINK to VirtualDJ

7. Your web browser will open. Log in with your Beatsource credentials.

8. Return to VirtualDJ. You’re connected!

Using the Beatsource catalog in VirtualDJ

Discover our playlists

Beatsource has created hundreds of custom playlists for you to DJ with. Load any of our playlists into VirtualDJ with these simple steps:

Create your own playlists

It’s easy to create and update your own custom playlists. Follow these steps to get started:

How to use the offline locker in VirtualDJ

Offline locker storage is available for Beatsource LINK PRO and PRO+ subscribers only.

Beatsource LINK is the only streaming service that allows DJs to store music offline for playback without an internet connection. To add tracks to your locker, follow these simple steps:

VirtualDJ Compatible Hardware

For a list of natively supported MIDI controllers, click here.

*At this time, Beatsource LINK is in a public beta testing phase. This means you can expect to see changes and improvements made often; and offers you the ability to help shape the final product with your feedback and suggestions.